Thinking About Work From Home? Learn How To Make Money Using Facebook

Have you always wanted to know the way to work from home? Do not worry, you do not need to be techie to do it. There are so many choices. I am pretty sure even a 10-year old can implement some of those techniques…

OKAY, so you have been looking for methods to make money on FB. I’ll show you several methods the way to work from home, but first, here are some facts to let you realize that you’re believing in the right course.

Facebook grows at over 10 million customers per month and sits at #2 on web traffic rankings.

Facebook is the 3rd largest video sharing website.

In 20 minutes 1,000,000 links are shared on Facebook and 10.2 million comments are posted.

There are more than 650 million active users.

As you see by these astonishing facts, there are likely several good opportunities to make money on facebook

leveraging the power and societal nature of this platform. Lets get straight to the facts and discover the best way to make money online. First I will look at some simple must-do promotion tactics you have to execute first to properly position yourself:

To start, you want a Facebook page. You’ll find all different classes as to how you can promote yourself so pick one based on what you’re offering or selling towards the kinds of people you want to pull.

The most significant price of property is your profile image. DON’T set a photo of you partying, however you might not need to be totally stuffy either. Again, base it on-the type of person you want to attract and what you are selling. Obviously if are a tattoo artist, you do not want to wear a suit and tie – you need to flaunt your ink. Let people see you. People need to know, like and trust you before they will purchase anything, definitely show a wonderful picture of your self and be content in it.

Under your profile picture, always put in your site or web site first in case you have one.

This can allow them to click to see what else you’ve got going on and it’ll help to generate traffic to your website if you’ve got one. You should be consistent and active on Facebook. Strive for 3 updates per day; morning, midday, evening (but not too late or no one will see it). Be certain to give useful tips in your postings, in addition to offering your products or services. In case you only offer your products or services, then people will eventually either not want to see your updates, or defriend you. You will then be writing to a large black hole wasting your time.

When you’re pitching your product or service, make sure to tell them what it can do for them (= value) and what to do next (= call-to action). People have to be told the next step. For instance, in case you own a blog or website, tell them to go there, opt-in to your mailing-list for awesome discounts and coupons, or free trainings, etc… One thing I’ve learned from my many years in advertising, is that you can have hundreds or thousands of Facebook fans, but you simply own your mailing list – you don’t own your fans, they are not faithful to you unless they’re in your list. If something should happen to Facebook, then your fans are gone too, unless they happen to have chosen into your list. So, yes, the money is in the list visit.

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