Video 2: The Close Brothers Asset Finance Training Academy recruits take to the road

I found out about this opportunity purely by chance one of the recruitment agencies told me the opportunity and I must admit I did think it was a bit too good to be true it’s a company I’d never heard of before but when I read the job description thought yeah that sounds pretty good well before i started the academy never really heard of close brothers a half he had a bit cool others i’ve been working with them for the last two years so this opportunity that came up was absolutely fantastic.

speed dating

I think all for it thank you very much for sadies for organizing today welcome to beside his benz weld welcome to close brothers I cannot believe how fantastic the company is I mean just walking around the wimbledon office and speak into everyone it’s incredible the things that they do for their stuff closed rooms above come across is a real premium and prestigious Brandon absolutely fantastic place to be working first few days of training a very intense challenging few days it’s been interesting i think the standout moments have been we did a thing called speed dating.

It was 34 others and you’ve got two minutes to whip round the room and get to know everybody and you do get very tired yeah I’m never going to do speed dating all the training of the presentations all the tasks we’ve had to do just shows how dedicated everyone is to this they come me sometimes worth the achieving what s it can be about tiresome it’s been anything but and I think everybody is kimo be feeling really refreshed we’ve covered so much stuff it’s also interesting and exciting an hour here we’re at mrs.

We’re getting our cars today I’m getting a brand-new car I’m coming to a Mercedes factory is one of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see ya very excited but really eager about next week to get on the road get learning and get stuck in it’s been a long few months since the first application when ten but to see everybody.

benefits of s’s rail

Obviously you know getting a benefits of s’s rail with the car and having able to be together was absolutely excellent really good so excited and they look absolutely brilliant in nine months time and we’ll be on our own patch with developing our business plans work in our patch and building the business and probably having a few drinks and a bit of a celebration with it as well I still hoped for here top of my game and register to hit the ground running obviously I’m hoping for success.

I’m also hoping to make some good friends with the team members we’ve formed quite a bond and I’m hoping that that does carry through helping people and pushing us all out of the end at the training academy engine name once time I hope to see myself at the academy closing event with a big smile perhaps a glass of champagne who knows but I feel that with all the hard what they’ll going over the next name once it would be a really good way to end it but also I start of a you know i acttally and close brothers you

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