A Guide to Asset & Wealth Management

This is how Asset and Wealth management works, In this content, I will discuss the Asset Management function of a bank and this is my sports team They represent the client, a large company or corporation The Asset Management part of a bank is responsible for helping the client grow an existing pot of money Similarly, the sports team are trying to increase their membership and Now i am going to discuss, how an Asset Manager advises the client on how to grow their money. In this example, Let’s assume that the sporting activities group’s contributors represent the patron’s money we’ve simply obtained to get extra men and women fascinated about playing. You two go to the union i’m certain you can find a whole lot of persons to talk to there And why don’t you two hit the gym with some flyers? And you’ll find lots of people that are keen Nice, let’s get it. So, I’ve helped the team use what they already have their membership to go out and get some more players for the team. This is just like when a bank takes a client’s money and uses it to grow their existing assets. Let me tell you how Wealth Management works. We work with private clients, who are wealthy individuals and advise them on how to reach their financial goals.

So this is Jess. Jess is one of my clients and she just so happens to be in charge of the funding of the team. I need to use the money that we already have and make more of it, so that we can buy new kit for the team. This is my budget . So it is my job to aid Jess take the cash she’s already got and grow her pot, whilst advising her on the hazards. I think you will have to do a fundraising fit. We could both do it down at nearby pitch, it can be lots more cost-effective. We can generate a buzz and probably get some humans particularly interested in joining or signing up Or, we would hire the uni stadium. Now, that is particularly going to consume into the price range and you’re going to have promote lot extra tickets but the return on investment could mean that maybe you could buy your team a new kit and new equipment.